Heavy Duty Engine Oil

Gulfstar Ultima SP is a high performance, mineral based, engine crankcase oil designed to provide outstanding lubrication across a broad range of heavy duty diesel engines. This heavy-duty diesel engine oil, including low emission designs that permit the use of API CG-4 Service Classification meeting 1994 emission standards.

It is formulated with superior quality high viscosity index base oils and specially selected additives to give maximum power output. Its high temperature stability, detergency and protection reserve keeps engine components clean and protected, ensuring long engine life over extended service intervals.


  • It is recommended for use in heavy-duty diesel engines using low Sulphur (0.05% max.) diesel, for on-highway and off-highway applications
  • Mixed fleets of automotive and diesel truck manufacturers
  • Modern low emission automotive diesel engines
  • Diesel generator sets
  • All vehicles used in long distance transport
  • New generation diesel engines of trucks, buses, cars ,construction equipment & DG sets


  • Excellent control on high temperature deposits
  • Exceptional thermal and oxidative stability
  • Ensures compliance of emission standards
  • Excellent anti-wear performance and engine protection
  • Better high/low temperature and extreme condition performance
  • Shields engine components against rust and corrosion
  • Compatible with catalytic converters

Typical Characteristics

Available packages: 1L, 4L, 5L