Heavy Duty Engine Oil

Ultima XT is blended from a unique combination of the finest quality severely hydro treated base fluids and low ash detergent additives. It is a top line diesel engine oil, which meets highway exhaust emission standard 2007. It is recommended for high-speed four-stroke engines and exceeds the unique service requirements of diesel engines equipped with new generation low emission systems, such as diesel particulate filters (DPF), exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC). Optimum protection is provided for control of catalyst poisoning, engine wear, piston deposits, low and high temperature stability, soot handling properties & oxidative thickening.


  • Mixed fleets of European, North American and/or Japanese diesel engines
  • Commercial road transport, stop and go vehicles in high soot loading service such as buses and trucks
  • Mixed fleets of both diesel and gasoline engines in both old and new equipment
  • Vehicles meeting the most recent exhaust emissions standards including Euro IV, V and VI
  • Off highway construction, earth moving and mining equipment


  • Extended drain intervals
  • Reduces risk of sludge, improving the engine’s performance
  • Formulated with latest generation “low-saps “(sulfated ash, phosphorus & sulfur) technology, maximises the life of sensitive catalyst metals and the cleaning intervals of DPFs
  • The detergency and dispersancy of the oil are vital in keeping the engine clean which impacts horsepower and oil consumption
  • Special viscosity controlling technology, which ensures the oil continues to protect against wear throughout the oil drain interval, even under severe operating conditions
  • Better cold temperature start-up and pumpability
  • The superior frictional properties of this oil provide improved fuel economy

Typical Characteristics

Available packages: 1L, 4L, 5L, 7.5L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 30L, 210L