Industrial Oil

Gulfstar marine diesel engine oils is developed to meet the requirement of marine diesel cylinder oils, system oils, modern medium speed trunk piston engines (4 stroke) and high speed engines used in marine propulsion and Land based DG sets for power generation applications operating on distillate or marine diesel fuels.

These oils are specially formulated for a very high rate of neutralization due to special additives to quickly neutralize acids before it reaches the cylinder walls and prevent corrosion. It has excellent high temperature detergency characteristics in the hotter engine parts like piston rings, piston underground and superior anti-wear protection. Low alkali Reserve ( TBN 12) , High Alkali Reserve ( TBN 20,30,40) available as per fuel sulfur content.


  • Marine oils are recommended for use in marine propulsion engines and land based DG sets operating on distillate fuels or marine diesel fuels
  • High performance diesel engine oil developed for use in trunk piston engines operating on distillate fuels


  • Outstanding engine cleanliness esp. in hotter engine parts like piston rings & piston under-crowns
  • Higher base number (BN) stabilization even in low oil consuming engines
  • Good anti-wear protection of piston rings and cylinder liners
  • Higher degree of compatibility with fuel asphalts
  • Good viscosity & insoluble control
  • Longer drain capabilities

Performance Specification

  • Conforms to a threshold performance level of s API CF
  • Passes Cat 1 M PC and CLR L-38 engine tests for high temperature deposit control and bearing protection characteristics
  • Meets MANUFACTURERS APPROVALS- WARTSILA,FINLAND Wartsila Vasa 22 / 26 and Vasa 32engines, Sulzer Z 40 / ZA 40 / ZA 40 S engines. Rolls Royce, UK, MAN B & W (Holeby) Engines

Typical Characteristics