Industrial Oil

Gulfstar Radiator Coolant is used by all vehicles for heat transfer. Antifreeze Coolant is efficient in transferring the heat as well as preventing scale and corrosion of the radiator and the engine cooling system. It exhibits an anti-freeze property during winters due to low freezing point and an anti-boiling property during the summer season due to high boiling point.

It is readily available in concentrations of 33% and 50% for use directly in the cooling system. This product is available in different colors like green, blue, orange, red, etc.

Recommended to be used in the liquid cooling systems of automotive and industrial gasoline and diesel engines.


  • Chemical stable & low viscosity
  • Longer life, less corrosive to the metal parts & less changes
  • Highly effective in heat transfer
  • Low freezing point & high boiling point
  • Keeps the engine cool and prevents from overheating
  • Improves the air conditioner output
  • Less scale formation & degrading
  • Enhances fuel performance

Performance Specification
It meets the international JIS- K – 2234 , ASTM D3306, BS: 6580

Typical Characteristics