Two Wheeler Oil

Gulfstar 4T Thriller is formulated to meet JASO MA2 standards providing premium quality 4-stroke engine oil designed and formulated for all kinds of 4-stroke motor bikes and exceeds the requirements of most motor cycle manufactures. It is blended with specially selected base stocks and advanced additive technology. It is recommended for use in all 4-stroke motor cycles, Scooters & modern three wheelers.


  • 4-stroke motor cycles with integral wet clutch operation
  • Air cooled, water cooled four stroke motorcycle engines
  • Particularly suitable for Japanese high performance 4-stroke motor cycles
  • Portable small four stroke gasoline engine generator sets


  • Provides good friction on clutch disc that prevents slippage and premature wear in wet clutch lubrication system
  • Excellent detergent and dispersant additives, which ensures high level of cleanliness in all engine parts
  • Smoothened power transfer to prevent clutch from grabbing. It provides easy control and efficient gear shifting and clutch operation
  • Provides better sludge control in oil
  • Reduction in oxidative thickening of oil
  • Helps prevent wear in engine
  • Provides Rust and corrosion protection

Performance Specification

  • Meets API SL
  • JASO MA 2

Typical Characteristics

Available packages: 500ML, 900ML, 1L, 210L